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Educational Trips And Excursions

The school arranges excursion for our Pre- Primary & Primary students. They are taken to visit local Zoo, Deer Park and other gardens to have fun, to observe the outside world, to enjoy the nature and develop the feeling of love and care for animals and plants. For Middle section, the school arranges outings to places like Printing Press, Dairy Plants, Planetarium, and Museums etc. For senior students, the school arranges educational & subject related visits to banks, wild life sanctuaries, forts & museums etc.
Summer Camp:- Every year school organizes summer camp during summer break. Activities like various sports (Basketball, Volley ball), Skating, Taekwondo, Judo, Karate, Music, Dance-classical, English speaking classes, Painting & Art and Craft and many more are taught under supervision of well trained coaches & teachers.