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Career Counseling And Guidance

The School organizes and supervises counseling for students to prepare them for life after school.The aim of the Counseling department is to empower the students to make informed choices for subjects and careers, after identifying and recognizing their personal aptitudes, interests and abilities. The Counseling Department organizes seminars and training modules to prepare the students with skills and attitudes necessary for academic and professional life.

  • Career Counseling helps them understand the career options that they have, and how to pursue them.
  • Career Counseling helps them understand their own strengths and weaknesses with regard to their present course or profession, and lets them know what career they would be suited for.
  • Career Counseling gives them a platform to voice their opinion about what they would like to pursue, as well as discuss the obstacles that they may be worried about.
  • Career Counseling makes the transition from one field to another a non-stressful event.
  • Career Counseling helps give them the required confidence to change their domain, with the support of an experienced mentor.